What Damages Can Demodex Do?

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Wherever there are signs of skin and hair diseases, Demodex may play an active role.
If the population of this microscopic parasite inhabiting the hair follicles gets out of control, with the help of other underlying factors, it triggers a variety of skin and hair problems such as rosacea and alopecia acne, blepharitis, night itching and many more. Also, our observation shows Demodex plays a significant role in inadequate retention of the newly transplanted grafts.
_Some of the mechanisms of Demodex pathogenesis are as follows:
Demodex feeds on sebum, which is essential for healthy skin and hair; thus, it eventually weakens hair and causes hair loss.
Demodex dead body can block the pilosebaceous duct, which causes epithelial cells to proliferate and lead to roughness and pimples of the skin.
Also, toxins secreted by Demodex activate immune responses and cause inflammation.
_Ungex does not leave you alone in any of the stages of Demodex treatment.
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