We are hiring (Work From Home) – Mandarin Chinese Speakers

City Chongqing
State Chongqing
Country Chile

Currently we are looking for participants to join Mettawee-E, a transcription project that requires native speakers of Mandarin Chinese. This project can be perfect to people looking for extra work that can be done online.

The aim of this project is to accurately transcribe (i.e. type out or represent with pre-filled tags) the speech presented to you in audio files. You will also be inserting timestamps. The speakers in this project\’s audio will be from Mainland China.

While the project itself does not require specific knowledge of linguistics, successful candidates often share some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Native Mandarin and living in China.
  • Good understanding of English
  • Available 10 hours or more per week
  • Prior audio transcription experience
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Understanding of basic linguistic concepts
  • Ability to review examples and apply rules to data

If you\’re interested, you may directly register through this link:



Note: Please click “Qualify” for METTAWEE-E project once account is created.

Submit an application now to secure your slot as priority will be given to those candidates who confirm their interest as soon as possible.

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