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Product Name:Laboratory Bead Mill

Product Description:ESW-1.0 laboratory bead mill is a small wet grinding machine, designed and developed for user doing experiments or small batch production. It is the most ideal model for laboratory superfine grinding. High quality of ELE laboratory bead mill not only comes from its outstanding processing technology, but also sources on strict quality control for raw material . All used high -purity ceramic raw materials are imported.?Working Rotor Material:Ceramic TypeHarden Alloy SteelSpecification●?The small bead mill is lab sample grinding machine, it is the ideal machine for developing new product & sample production:●?Lab samples fine grinding machine, with smaller grinding chamber, energy concentration, high grinding efficiency and beneficial to reduce the loss of material.●?Optimize energy utilization, compact structure, easy to operate.●?Ideal circulation-channel type process structure, easy to clean.●?Unique grinding structure, grinding medium distribute more reasonably in the chamber.●?Owing to its high efficiency and ultrafine performance, it is the ideal mode for users in packaging printing ink, color paste, car paint, nano materials, electronic materials, etc.Machine details Advantages Discharging System: New technology of Discharge methodLarge Area centrifugal separator, the centrifugal wheel push away the grinding beads from the discharge sieve, make sure discharge smoothly, no blocking of beadsSpecial Mechanical Seal & Bearing Housing:●?Special double cartridge mechanical seal, ensure long operation of shaft seal, maximum 8 -10 kg pressure;●?Special Bearing Housing, match mechanical seal well, one whole part, ensure the accuracy to below 0.03mm. Make sure stable working & extend the long life.?Cooling system:●?High efficiency large area spiral ribbon type jacket water circulation chamber wall cooling●?Feeding pipe with jacket for cooling●?End cover corrugated cooling●?Cooling Tank for Mechanical Seal?ApplicationPin type horizontal bead mill is suitable for 2microns, 1microns or even below 1microns, nanometers, like 30nm, 50nm, 100nm, 200nm…etcNarrow particles size distributionCoating: Water-based coating, Solvent-based coating, Decorative Coating, Latex paint;Paint: Car Paint, Finish paint, Wood paint, Industrial paint;Ink: Gravure Printing ink, Flexographic ink, Offset printing ink, Silk screen ink, UV light solid ink, Digital inkjet ink etc;Pigment: Dye, Color painted pigment, Pen liquid,Watercolor;Electronic Materials: Battery diaphragm alumina, Lithium iron phosphate, Ceramic slurry, Flame retardant;Food Industry: Chocolate Syrup, Paste etc;Pesticide: Pesticide suspension, EC, EW, ME;Daily Chemical Industry: Cosmetics, Liquid soap, Shower gel, Liquid detergent etc;Biological Medicine: Algae cell fragmentation, Micro-biological functional materials;Nano Materials: metal oxide, Magnetic Materials, Paper industry, Optoelectronic industry.?Data Sheet & Models?Professional technical supports & Processing Machines Our engineers are around 20years rich experience in this area, professional skills and stable processing.We have lathes, grinder, drilling machine, boring machine, polishing machine, milling machine…etc.?MAINTENANCE & SERVICES1.Before order, customer can take materials to ourvlab and make test grindings, spot-testing parameters like particle size distribution, obtain reliable data for model selection;2.We provide you opeatian manual by chinese or English;3.We offer you Videos for equipment installation and maintenance in both English and Chinese;4.With three years of spare parts inventory to ensure normal use and make you to be in trouble free;5.Within 12-months warranty period, we promise to change damaged parts free of charge by air or by sea;6.After delivery, our professional engineer will offer on-site guidance debugging free of charge, according to different characteristic of materials, to set up the operational parameters of the mill and ensure optimal grinding quality & equipment running status;7.After the warranty period, we provide maintenance and maintenance service, only charge the cost;8.Meanwhile, our skillful grinding experts can offer you free professional technical consulting and service.


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Descption: ELE? company began to develop market in China since 1996 and built factory in Pudong, Shanghai in 2006.By now ELE? has developed as a global center of machining and service.

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