Street Address Phoenix
City Phoenix
ZIP/Postal Code 00000
State Arizona
Country United States

The CoastFi Hotspot is a revolutionary internet connectivity device that extends your existing wifi to nearby smart devices in need of internet, such as temperature sensors, gps dog collars, and electric scooter rentals.


Install a CoastFi Hotspot and earn $100/year.


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Refer a friend and earn another $100. The more hotspots you help install, the more you earn!


Where can I Install a CoastFi Hotspot?


You can install CoastFi Hotspots anywhere an internet connection exists. Popular CoastFi Hotspot locations are:








-Anywhere An Internet Connection Exists


How to become a CoastFi host


1. Visit   and apply.


2. Jump on a 10 minute call


3. Get approved!


4. Get your hotspot in the mail, plug it into your router, and get paid $100.


5. Earn $100 for everyone you successfully refer. No limits


$100 per installation / $100 per referral


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