I need a receiver/customer for swift MT-103 SCCT one way.

State Wales.
Country United Kingdom

103-SINGLE CUSTOMER CREDIT TRANSFER – one way – for return for me and the sender 36% and for you and your receiver 64%.The receiving bank issues Bank Letter Confirmation about its readiness to issue MT-799bpu after receiving the pre-advise MT-799 from the sender\’s bank!The sender gives Pre-Advice MT-799,later receiver gives swift МТ-799bpu, then the receiver receives swift МТ-103credits, then the receiver returns 36% – through swift МТ-103/202!Preference for highly rated banks!The receiver must have his own bank account in another bank – in the correspondent bank from Europe!The branch of the receiving bank is not a correspondent bank! The exception is if the receiver is in a top-25 bank in the world – then a correspondent bank in Europe is not needed!The transaction amount is 100M – 10M, 20M,30M, 40M!Without prepayment/upfront! .Without China and Vietnam!Do not call by phone! Write only to email!

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