How to Troubleshoot a Mattress that is causing you back Pain?

State Maharashtra
Country India

Is your back pain due to your mattress? If yes, then you must read this article carefully to get rid of your back pain. You must be wondering how. We have some of the most interesting ways by which you can fix your mattress to get your back pain eliminated.

People who have less space or the ones who do not find a quality mattress often find themselves battling with the unwanted discomfort caused by the mattresses. Let us learn some of the troubleshooting ways and which are the best mattresses for back pain in India.

  1. Fixing mattress

Avoid sleeping on low quality or a worn-out mattress. one-third of our life is spent on sleeping, so it is worth spending on a quality mattress. Your mattress is solely responsible for causing you that morning back pain. Any mattress needs replacement after ten years of use. If you add fancy mattress toppers it will only act as a band-aid and not a permanent fix.

A mattress with medium firmness is the best choice when you are dealing with morning lower back pain. The helix and the Tempur-Pedic mattresses which are the best orthopaedic memory foam mattress in India are said to give you a pain-free morning. If your brand-new mattress is causing you back pain, then you must return it and test out some other mattresses. If you are stuck with a bad mattress then read on to our second step.

2. Fixing your posture

The next vital consideration for your morning back pain is the sleeping posture. Sleeping on the stomach is the worst posture on neck and back pain. In this posture, the neck is tweaked on one side and the back is arched likely. If you are a stomach sleeper change it to a side or back sleeper.

If you are sleeping properly on your side and are still experiencing back pain, then try sleeping on your back. Here, sleeping properly means to sleep with a pillow in between your knees to keep your pelvis, hips, and spine in alignment and you must support your neck and head with a pillow of the correct height.

If sleeping on the back and are still experiencing back pain, then place one or two pillows under your knees. If you are a back sleeper it will work best for you even when the bed is too soft. You must lay flat on your back with both your legs parallel with your head supported and facing straight up.

There are various debates on which is the best position for sleeping. For every individual, different sleeping positions do not cause them back pain with the best mattress for back pain in India.

3. What else should you fix?

To get a pain free and comfortable night sleep, consider some of the below points. back pain in the morning is worst and it is also a sign that you did not have a quality night’s sleep.

A) Your hip flexors – When you are seated for the maximum time of the day then you must try stretching your hamstrings, hip flexors, glutes, quads and back on the floor of your bedroom at night to reduce the back pain.

B) Try sleep stretching as it is effective at easing back pain.

C) When you are laid up from back pain then you must keep moving to keep your blood flow. It will eventually aid in the healing process.

D) Get your vitamin D properly as a deficiency of it can cause subtle pain.

Improve your posture by using a wearable posture trainer and invest in the best mattress for back pain in India.

Final thoughts

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