Have Regular Skin Cancer Check with Your Trusted Experts in Erina

Street Address 155 The Entrance Rd
City Erina
ZIP/Postal Code 2250
State New South Wales
Country Australia

Catching melanoma during its earliest stage matches up with a 98% five-year survival rate. When you determine this cancer by its 3rd or 4th stage, the survival rate drops to 65% or less. With regular skin cancer check, you will be able to catch the illness right away and ensure quick and effective treatment.

At Erina Skin Cancer Clinic, the process of our skin cancer check is easy. We will examine your skin with dermoscopy to record, analyse, and excise spots. We perform a full skin cancer check where we assess all parts of your skin. We also carry out limited examination if you so desire. By visiting our clinic regularly for routine skin exams, you will be able to identify and care for any suspicious lesions as they arise.

Considering the growing rate of skin cancer in the country, our team at Erina Skin Cancer Clinic thinks it is worth knowing the ins and outs of this scary diagnosis. Our experts will share with you the details on why skin checks are necessary, how often you should visit our dermatologist, and what you can expect from them. We will be with you in every step of the process.

Erina Skin Cancer Clinic offers quick, easy, and professional skin exams. Call us to request a quote. For a one-on-one consultation, visit us in our clinic at 2/155 The Entrance Rd., Erina.

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