Get 100% natural and biodegradable disposable diaper liners in Canada!

City Ottawa
ZIP/Postal Code K1A 0B1
State Ontario
Country Canada

Do not take any risk with your newborn’s delicate skin! Using synthetic fabrics in the diaper liners may lead to skin rash. Bumbini offers bio-soft disposable diaper liners in Canada whichare highly biodegradable and flushable. The liners are fabricated with a non-woven cellulosic fiber which is non-irritating, super-soft, and most comfortable against the baby’s sensitive skin. These bio-soft liners contain the solid waste which makes it easily flushable in the toilet. Are you thinking about the blockage in the drains and the septic system? Do not worry! Allow the soiled liners to soak a few minutes in water to break down a little before flushing! Want to know? Visit us.

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