FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Reusable Face Masks

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Whenever you’re going out for a brisk walk, shopping for groceries, or doing the things you love under the ‘new normal’, wearing the best face mask comes as a necessity (bonus if it’s a reusable face mask.) 

Face masks add an extra layer of protection from different germs and viruses as you brave the crowds outside. It gives you an added peace of mind as you go about your day. That’s why it’s extremely vital to find high-quality face masks and properly care for them. 

Are you wondering how to care for your reusable face masks? If you have some questions, then we’ve got the answers! 

Should my mask fit right?   

If you’re using a reusable mask, you need to be sure you’re wearing it right. By wearing your mask right, you can guarantee that it can effectively do its job. A good way to check if your mask fits right is if: 

  • It covers your nose and mouth evenly; 

  • It feels secure at the bridge of your nose and under your chin, and; 

  • It is comfortable to wear and does not limit your breathing. 

Moreover, you should make sure it doesn’t drape around your neck. You should also not put it on your forehead. 

When do I need to wear my mask?  

It’s best to wear your mask every time you’re in a public space. Whether you’re getting supplies in a grocery store or retail pharmacy, riding a bus, or eating out in public, it’s a good practice to wear a mask and follow social distancing protocols. 

When you’re going outdoors without any people around you, you can consider forgoing the mask – but always have it on hand, just in case. 

Does wearing mask mean I’m completely safe from any kinds of virus, no matter the circumstance? 

Some people remain complacent when wearing a mask. However, you must always remember that wearing a reusable face mask is not an excuse to skip all the other health protocols. Rather, it is an added layer of protection to help keep you safe. So, when you’re out in public, the safest measure to follow is both social distancing and wearing your reusable mask. 

Is there a right way to remove my mask?  

Most people are not careful about removing their face masks. They just do the easiest way possible – and often, this means touching unnecessary parts of the face mask. 

To avoid touching your mask, just remove the elastic bands or strings that loop behind your earsYou can then fold the outside corners together, all the while making sure that you’re holding only the strings. Afterwards, carefully wash your mask and store it in a neat pouch. 

Whenever you’re removing your reusable mask, avoid touching any part of your face, especially your eyes, nose, or mouth. 

How often should I wash my face mask?  

While reusable face masks are made of antibacterial cloth, it’s still necessary to wash them after each use. You can wash them by hand thoroughly. When washing by hand, make sure to soak the cloth mask in bleach and warm water solution for five minutes. After which, you can rinse it thoroughly with running water. 

Since damp cloth welcomes bacterial and mould growth, you need to completely dry your mask before using it again. It\’s probably easiest to dry it in the dryer, but you can also hang it dry in an area which receives direct sunlight. 

How should I store my mask?  

Reusable face masks are not hard to care for and store. You can hang your mask by the door, so you will always remember to grab it as you head out your door. While at work, you can store them in a paper bag whenever you’re not wearing it. 

When you have to store your face mask in between usage, you must keep it in a dry place where mould or mildew won’t grow. You must also fold it to ensure that the inner layer of the mask remains protected from any potentially contaminated surfaces. 

Where do I find high-quality reusable masks?   

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