Enjoy Gluten Free Food in Melbourne with Liberate Foods Vegan Crumpets

City Melbourne
State Vic
Country Australia

Have any food allergies and can’t enjoy buttery afternoon tea treats like crumpets? Liberate Foods, a National Brand, is here to liberate your tastebuds with our vegan crumpets. We’re your reliable source of gluten free food in Melbourne and anywhere in Australia. 


Our vegan crumpets are gluten-free, wheat-free, yeast-free, egg-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free! And contrary to popular belief, free-from foods, like Liberate Foods crumpets, taste so delicious that after your first bite, you would keep coming back for more. 


Liberate crumpets are perfect for those who are sensitive to gluten, soy, and other dairy products. Yes, you read that right. It’s now possible for you to enjoy this precious treat without suffering from an allergic reaction. 


We take pride in being a reliable source of gluten free food in Melbourne and across Australia, and we carefully choose all our ingredients to make the most delicious crumpets. To be labelled gluten-free, our vegan crumpets passed the world’s most stringent test regulations in Australia and New Zealand. So, you can eat our vegan crumpets with confidence, knowing that they’re truly gluten-free. 


When it comes to gluten free food in Melbourne and anywhere in Australia, Liberate Foods aims to provide only the tastiest treats for consumers. Whether you’re a vegan or gluten and lactose intolerant, eating our vegan treats will be a pleasant experience for your tastebuds. 


Try our gluten free food in Melbourne independent supermarkets, grocers, and mini-marts. Liberate vegan crumpets are also available in Coles Supermarkets and Good Health Food Stores across Australia, Little Farms stores across Singapore, and stores across New Zealand South Island.


For enquiries, visit our website https://liberatefoods.com.au/contactus/ and fill out our enquiry form. 

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