Cut The Cord – Kick Cable/Satellite TV To The Curb – Stream TV

State CT
Country United States

Cut The Cord – time for a TV revolution. Change the way you receive your TV programming. Stream into the future. Cable/Satellite TV not meeting our needs. They boast of all these channels in their packages. Half of which are music channels that hardly anybody listens to. Prices continue to rise and when your promotional package ends they slam you with a huge price increase. It is time to Cut The Cord, get a 30-day Free Trial and join the revolution. PLUS YOU GET PAID TO WATCH TV!!!


We Pay You to Watch! Yes, You read that correctly. Not only that if you refer 3 friends/associates/acquaintances YOUR TV IS FREE!!! You get started with a 30 FREE Trial what have you got to lose? NOBODY ELSE WILL PAY YOU TO WATCH TV!!! 


Tired of being ripped off by the Cable/Satellite companies?  #1 get 3 friends to sign up and your Premium Version is FREE TV. #2 On top of that we\’ll even pay you for watching TV. Get a 30 Day Free Trial if you like the trial of the 65 channel Premium Version keep it for $49/month when your trial ends (remember 3 referrals and FREE). If not cancel premium and get 17 free basic channels.

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