Choosing an Independent Mortgage Corp?

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So you have decided to buy a house, and yes, you are aware that this is a big decision that has a variety of implications for you. You also realise that while you will need to arrange for funds to make the initial deposit payment as well as to sort out other legal payments that are part and parcel of property acquisition, you also have to organise a loan in order to complete the purchase. If you are a first-time home buyer, the thought of having to deal with banks or Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.

While there are many independent mortgage brokers available in the marketplace, finding a good one is the key. You could ask your friends for a referral and that would be a useful start. However you will still have to make your own evaluation about whether you are comfortable with this particular individual and how he works. Fairway’s vision is to foster relationships and create a team atmosphere, empowering offices to operate autonomously in their day-to-day operations, while still maintaining strict compliance and consistency across the board. Fairway provides all necessary support in the areas of personnel, accounting and compliance.

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