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Street Address 33 Anglesea Ave, Parklands
City Christchurch
ZIP/Postal Code 8083
State Canterbury
Country New Zealand

Black tea is generally stronger and richer in flavour than other teas. Like all teas, it originates from the plant – Camellia Sinsensis. What makes black tea different is the way its processed. The leaves are allowed to fully oxidize before they are heat-processed and dried. During this process, oxygen interacts with the tea plant\’s cell wall and turns the leaves a rich dark brown to black colour that black teas are famous for.  The flavour profile ranges from sweet to savoury, depending on the process. If brewed correctly it should be smooth and flavourful. Common flavour traits; malty, brisk, earthy, sweet, caramel and honey. We’re bringing all kinds of exotic black tea to NZ. You can buy Black Tea in New Zealand 24/7 via our online store.

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