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Time stops still, for those who have depression and/or anxiety. Life goes on, but those who have these crippling ailments, feel that there is no life at all. Feeling nothing of yourself, and your emotions are dead.

A sense of being in no man’s land, a sense of numbness to the core. A sense of oblivion, or a sense of being in a well so deep that you can’t climb out of it. The sun might be shining but it does not shine on you. Nothing can warm up that blank heart of clay!

And the anxiety, feeling as though you are not even in your own head anymore, feeling frazzled, fragmented, feeling separated from yourself, spinning, out of control. Can’t think, can’t feel, paralysed from making a decision.

Hypnotherapy on Sunshine Coast understands it all. We provide the ladder and gently encourage you to climb out of the well. We have a track record of helping people, just like you with depression, to help you take those precious steps in just a few sessions, designed to regain the life that you deserve.

We know about the discomfort of anxiety, and we are the experts in dealing with it. We see people who have been visiting psychologists for months, and we know that anxiety usually takes only one session of hypnotherapy, to completely turn it around.

Through hypnotherapy, your life can be regained. No more pain, no more avoiding life, no more excuses about not joining in. Freed from the shackles of depression and anxiety.

Freedom at last, feeling motivated and whole again. At last enjoying life and recognizing that you ARE as good as the next person. Knowing at last that you deserve a good life just like everyone else, and at last being able to enjoy every moment of it.

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