3 Steps to Compress a Mattress at Home

State Maharashtra
Country India

 Let us face it. Purchasing the best mattress in India from the mattress stores feels awkward. It is because obviously sleeping is an intrinsically private experience.

But, finally, you are there to purchase the best orthopedic mattress in India. Lying down amidst a showroom full of consumers and salespeople and you are trying best not to get footprints on the bed and thinking about those who have tested this mattress before you.

Just think about this scenario. Isn’t it uncomfortable? On the flip side, it also seems counterintuitive not to at least test-drive an investment where you spend almost 1/3 of your life.

As per the study, personally testing the best mattress in India does not always lead to the best selection. In fact, some of the best mattress brands in India are online like Bianca.

This article shed light on common myths about shopping for mattresses in a store and discloses the honest truth about these buyers beware traps.

1) You Need to Try a Mattress in a Store Before You Purchase it.

The Truth – Selecting the best mattress in a showroom setting is not at all comfortable than buying online.

Generally, it is recommended that you should spend at least 20 minutes lying on each mattress you are considering a good buying option. Even if you narrow down your search to a particular price range and firmness, you still have to personally test a lot of mattresses. Do you think it is comfortable to take test sleep in a showroom setting? Of course, Not. It would be better to test a new mattress in the privacy of your own home for several weeks. If the showroom is not offering an in-home trial option then there are plenty of online mattress dealers who offer it. They even offer hassle-free refunds and exchanges.

2) Salespeople are There to Help You Make Perfect Decisions

The Truth – Salespeople are there to help themselves make mattress sales.

Whether you believe it or not but it is the truth. Some salespeople do not have your best interest in mind when helping you in buying for a mattress. They are just interested in achieving their sales targets. Even if they are not working on commission there are a few quotas to meets, over-stocked mattresses to sell, and earn non-commission bonuses. Some salespeople are genuinely interested in helping you find the best option that suits your need as long as it is in their store.

If you truly feel sales pressure then your best bet is to walk out of the store. Instead, choose online stores to purchase a mattress as they offer a few additional benefits.

3) If You Don’t Like Your Mattress, You can return it. No Problem.

The Fact – You can return it. But, it will be a hassle and it will cost you a lot.

Before you make a final decision to purchase any mattress, ensure to ask about their returning policy. Do they offer exchange or store credit only? Is there any specific requirement to return a mattress? As they cannot easily sell your used mattress, a retailer will try hard to make you keep it. So, before finalizing anything, check the return policy well.


In a nutshell, you must protect yourself. Now, you are more informed about the honest truth of mattress stores. So, to protect yourself you should ensure that you buy from reputable dealers, inform yourself before entering the store, look to buy a mattress online too. Most online mattress brands in India offer hassle-free-in-home trials for up to 3 months. So, you can easily decide if the mattress is perfect for you or not.

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