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BlueQQ Best Portable Alkaline Water Ionizer Bottle Hyderabad India
Enjoy High Quality Water

Blue QQ is a global franchise providing quality alkaline water rich in minerals in the most purified form.

With over 1 million units already sold worldwide, it is a best-selling international phenomenon with lifelong benefits including 8 essential ionic minerals calcium, magnesium, zinc, silver antibacterial, sophoricoside, antioxidant, silver activated carbon, and alkaline.

Zinc ion Mineral
A powerful antioxidant with its immune boosting properties, plays a vital role in digestive and endocrine systems
Silver Activated Carbon 
Dechlorinates and disinfects water by absorbing impurities.
Calcium Alkaline 
Counteracts against aging bone loss and aids for better calcium absorption in tissues and organs.
Fights oxidative stress, reduces signs of aging.
Silver Antibacterial 
Flushes out and prevents wastes form accumulating in cells.
Catalyst Magnesium 
Breaks down water molecules for better absorption of nutrients and minerals through reverse osmosis, oxygenating the body and increasing metabolic rate.
FIR Alkaline 
Emits abundant amount of essential minerals into the water solution and slightly increases the water s pH level into the optimal pH level of 7.8; this stage, furthermore, actively creates an ionized solution.
An internationally patented substance and tested by the U.S.FDA guideline, Japan FDA, and KEWWI to have body fat cell reducing effect by lessening fat molecules.

1000ml – Rs 9700


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