Critical Systems management Starting at $10/mo!

State FL
Country United States
Babesle is the class leading provider of managed network services and critical backup solutions.
Our highly accomplished team brings 56 YEARS of combined IT experience to the table making these prices all the more reason not to pass this offer up!

Your resources will include:

Managed Network Services starting at just $10/mo!
– Centralized network management
– Virtual Private Network (VPN) setup
– Network Update Management (Bearing the Update Headache so you won’t have to)
– Yearly Security Assessment for added peace of mind

Critical Backup Solutions starting at just $40/mo!
– WE provide the lock and storage, YOU hold the key!

Our clients demand the highest level of security, especially when it comes to meeting HIPAA and PCI compliance.
Whatever your compliance needs, we here at Babesle guarantee to meet or exceed them!

Call Babesle today: 1-888-225-2479 or visit us at

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