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Understanding the different aspects of the music industry, campaigns & strategies of Music Promotions, Starlight PR, one of the top & reliable Music Promoters help music artist to grow their music and fan base worldwide. With the use of unique music marketing strategies, we aim to turn passionate artists to industry’s most reputed and best musicians. If you have a passion for the music, knowledge of an excellent communication, negotiation skills and motivation, you may choose this field. It\’s a challenging and competitive career path, but it can be very rewarding if you love what you do.


Starlight Pr is good for Online Promotion of your music and to move an artist’s career forward.
Our exclusive press release is the best way to strengthen your fan base and makes you visible in the world’s top magazines.

With our 4-week premium next level campaign, watch as your music spreads across social media and other platforms, gathering streams of interested fans that are constantly interacting with your music.

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